Saturday, February 20, 2016

We are turning the corner on winter

Evening scene in Nolalu, near Thunder Bay
The days are noticeably longer now. In fact, we are only a month away from the equinox and when you take twilight into account, we nearly have 12 hours of light right now.
The weather has turned unseasonably warm, going above freezing and raining. No one likes this. We would rather it was below freezing than watch our 30 inches of snow and our snow-packed roads turn into slop.
The scene is now set for a condition that will greatly benefit timber, or grey, wolves. Tomorrow the mercury is going to recede to about -12 C and a sturdy crust will form atop the snow. In previous years we have seen this crust become so strong it would support the weight of a human. It will very likely support wolves who spread their modest weight on four fairly-wide paws. Deer and moose, however, will plunge through.
The advantage will go to the predator.
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