Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Next step in our continuous improvements

Brenda and Tommy Cieplik in Lund SSV, now with auto bilge pump
One of the hallmarks of Bow Narrows Camp is our relentless program to improve our facilities and equipment.
In just the past few years we have installed the world's best septic system -- the EcoFlo biofilter -- that sends all our waste water through tanks of peat moss before it is released back into the ground. It is light years ahead of conventional gravel-sand systems and far exceeds all requirements.
We also have the world's best water filtration plant, sending delicious, crystal-clear water to every tap and cabin in camp. Our water treatment plant has a triple-backup system to ensure all our water not only meets health standards but far, far exceeds it. It ranks with the world's finest bottled water.
Years ago we converted our entire fleet of outboard motors to quiet, powerful-yet-excellent-trolling, 20 h.p. four-stroke Hondas, and in a special nod to our older customers, made sure all of these were electric-start. No more yanking starting ropes. You just push a button.
We also added dock-assists at every dock in camp. These uprights look something like a swim ladder and give you something to hold onto when getting in and out of the boats. They are positioned so you can use the boat seat as a step while having both hands on the uprights. They have been universally welcomed, including by younger guests.
We also have been switching our boats from the conventional Lund models to the new SSV types that have double walk-throughs and floors throughout. (Even our older boats have floors in the bows.)
This year we will add something to every boat that I suspect will be hailed by all -- automatic bilge pumps. Any time it rains the bilge pump will come on automatically and pump the boat dry. Will anybody feel nostalgic at not needing to bail the boat with the scoop any more? I didn't think so!
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Charlie Stevens said...

Those bilge pumps sound GREAT. I was going to bring one when we came up this year.

Anonymous said...

The water is great no longer bring water to camp. Motors are a dream, some other camps milk their equipment until they fall apart. The dock railings are great for everyone, especially old clumsy guys like me. The floors in the boats have saved ankles, legs and feet. The bilge pumps will save backs and keep the boats and gear dry. Thanks Dan and Brenda for constantly improving a wonderful experience my family and friends have personally enjoyed for many years.
One last word, during this time of favorable exchange rate for us (unfavorable for you) you have held your rates constant. It is appreciated and indicative of your commitment to your guests.
Thanks Larry Pons

Ernie Ratliff said...

Dan....you are taking ALL the fun out of a remote camp.

Now all I have left to do while in camp is fish!!!!

Now if we could just fiqure out how to get you to rewind our reels with fresh line.


Joe Overman said...

Yeah, what Larry said!

Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me I don't have to get on my knees and bail out the boat after a heavy rain? Whatever will I do? My hands won't get cold and wet. My knees won't get sore. My back won't hurt from leaning over to scoop out all that water. I guess I'll just have to fish like Ernie Ratliff and Joe Overman.
Next we'll have escalators from the dock to the top of the hill....(laughing)
See you opening week Dan and Brenda.
Indiana Dave