Wednesday, February 17, 2016

More August-caught fish

Jason Williams with a beautifully-spotted big northern pike
Kyle Kelley's 38-inch pike shows a chain pattern
Two postings ago I recommended coming in August for big pike. Here's more proof from our anglers last year. As the photo on the right shows, there were some gargantuan walleye caught then too.
Davis Beyer with one heck of a walleye from last August
Incidentally, if you are a new reader of this blog you might wonder why we talk about anything other than fishing. After all, Bow Narrows is a fishing camp, you might think.
We are a fishing camp, that's for sure, but we are more than that too. And by "we" I mean more than just Brenda and me. It includes our guests, friends and neighbours. We are all about fishing but then we are also all about history of the area, nature, environmental stewardship and living in harmony with the outdoors. The blog tries to reflect this diversity.
There are nearly 1,000 blog postings here, the majority of them about fishing. If you do a search for walleye or northern pike in the little search window at the top left, you will come up with hundreds of articles. To the best of our ability, we don't keep posting the same thing year after year but just if there is something new to report. All the information is still there, you must just call up what you want.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Dan and Brenda, After coming to the camp for nine seasons now it still gives us a thrill to make that last turn to come into camp and now we know we can shut everything off and just relax, and stop and smell the " rose's" so to speak. The great fishing is just a added extra
Even though we are from New Brunswick and still live quite remote, it is the envy of our friends to show them the pictures and to talk of all the great things that we have done while we are at camp.
My sons and grandsons all talk about the trips there and all plan on the next trip. So if we win the loto you will have a camp full of Taylor family.
I have a count down clock on my laptop and Jen even checks it from time to time But I'm ready now...... See you at the end of May..
Mike And Jen

Dan B. said...

We can't wait to see you both as well. It won't be much longer and we will be driving boats in the water instead of snowmobiles on top of it. I'm going to be the first person to predict an early ice-out in 2016. El Nino has meant a warmer-than-normal weather with quite a bit of snow. That has insulated the ice and prevented it from freezing deep. I'm hoping we can get into camp by May 1.

Ray G said...

Dan: As you know we have been coming to Bow Narrows now for over 40 years and yes the fishing has been good and even better than good the last two years. However as you spoke, it is much more than just the fishing. We have learned a lot from you and Brenda about the history of the area, and also the other wild life. The blog is always very interesting and provides in depth articles that we can follow up on when we get to camp such as the one on Stromatolites, that I can't wait to see.

Ray G.