Sunday, February 28, 2016

Test your knowledge of Red Lake, Ont.

1. What is the name of the bay where the town of Red Lake is located?
A. Big Bay
B. East Bay
C. Deep Bay
D. Howey Bay
2. The stream that creates a rapids at the end of Trout Bay is called what?
A. Douglas Creek
B. Trout Creek
C. West End Creek
D. Chukuni River
3. When boating westward from the town, the long point with the fire-fighting base is called what?
A. The Point of No Return
B. Long Point
C. Forestry Point
D. Cape Point
4. The first big body of water west of town is commonly called what?
A. Big Bay
B. The Stretch
C.  East Bay
D.  Bay With No End
5. On the north side of that first big body of water is Red Lake's largest island. What is it?
A. White Horse Island
B. Fisher Island
C. McKenzie Island
D. Wolf Island
6. The stream that forms the outlet of Red Lake is called what?
A. English River
B. Douglas Creek
C. Parker Creek
D. Chukuni River
7. What stream forms the main inlet to Red Lake?
A. Chukuni River
B. Douglas Creek
C. Parker Creek
D. English River
8. Besides great fishing, what is Red Lake most known for?
A. Sunsets
B. Gold
C. Old Hudson Bay trading post
D. Woodland caribou
9. What is the closest approximate population of Red Lake?
A. 10,000
B. 6,000
C. 4,000
D. 2,000
10. Which community is not part of Red Lake Municipality?
A. Ear Falls
B. Cochenour
C. Madsen
D. Balmertown
11. Which fish species is not found in Red Lake?
A. Muskellunge
B. Smallmouth bass
C. Tulibee
D. Channel catfish
12. Which is an invasive species of Red Lake?
A. Emerald shiner
B. Rainbow smelt
C. Rock bass
D. Rusty crayfish
13. Red Lake has how many traffic lights?
A. Three
B. Two
C. One
D. Zero
14. What is the name of the provincial park west of Red Lake?
A. Pakwash Provincial Park
B. Quetico Provincial Park
C. Wabakimi Provincial Park
D. Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
15. If a person portages a canoe north from Pipestone Bay what river system does he enter?
A. Chukuni River
B. Mississippi River
C. Churchill River
D. Bloodvein River

1. D
2. A
3. C
4. B
5. C
6. D
7. A
8. B
9. C
10. A
11. D
12. B
13. C
14. D
15. D

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Joe Overman said...

I got two wrong. Good test!

Anonymous said...

Good test on your blog.
Here's one to add to the list:

A drop of water from Red Lake eventually flows to the Atlantic Ocean via:
1) The Pigeon River into Lake Superior
2) The Nelson River into the Hudson Bay
3) The Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico

Kim Gross said...

Almost aced it! Just missed the population question.

Dan B. said...

The second comment is a bit of a trick question. The answer would be 2. The Nelson River into Hudson Bay but is Hudson Bay a bay of the Arctic Ocean or the Atlantic? My research couldn't find a definitive answer for that. However the watershed that drains north into Hudson Bay is called the Arctic Watershed.
The actual route of water from Red Lake would be something like this: south via Chukuni River to the English River. South and then west on the English River to the Winnipeg River. West and northwest on the Winnipeg River to Lake Winnipeg. North on Lake Winnipeg to Nelson River which flows north to Hudson Bay.