Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Casting for Walleyes with Crankbaits

Walleye crankbait Rattlin Rap
If you want to have a lot of fun fishing for walleyes on Red Lake, Ontario, this summer, try casting with lipless crankbaits.

My favorite is the 2 3/4-inch Rattlin Rap in the very color pattern shown above.

Cotton Cordell makes the Suspending Super Spot. Excalibur makes the Spit'N Image. Frenzy makes the Frenzy Rattl'r. There are many other makes and models. Most have rattles inside but some do not. The thing they all have in common is that they do not have a plastic lip and this seems to make a difference when casting for walleyes. It's a different story when trolling. Lipped crankbaits work just fine in that case.

I would suggest using a 6-inch ultrathin 12-pound wire leader when casting lipless crankbaits because you're also going to catch a lot of beefy pike on these lures.

My favorite place to use the Rattlin Rap is around the edges of the big bays where there are shorelines with boulders, rocky points, islands and the entrances to small bays that are on the sides of the big water. It also pulls walleyes out of weed patches and don't be surprised when they bite right in the middle of the day when using this lure.

I cast the lure out, let it sink to the bottom (if there are no weeds) and bring it back with a slow to medium retrieve while keeping my rod tip low. This makes the lure run deeper.

Just about every fish caught in these areas are lunkers.

Give it a try during your trip this summer.

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Mike Walleye said...

Good evening Dan!

Great recommandation for walleye fishing. I'm also using Rattlin Rap when fishing for walleye in Northern Quebec.