Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here's where to meet the Lickety Split in Red Lake

We meet our guests in the town of Red Lake at Red Lake Marine which is located on Hwy. 105 at the bottom of the hill as you come into town as shown in the top photo. Our dock is located between Chimo Airways, whose dock is seen in the background, and Red Lake Marine.

The bottom photo shows our long dock and the Lickety Split tied up on the lefthand side. Note the baggage cart at the end of the dock. Use this cart to transport your luggage and other belongings to the end of the dock. Take everything off the cart and pile it on the righthand side of the dock, leaving the left side clear for the cart to take baggage from guests coming from camp to shore.

Dan will show you where to park your vehicle at the dock. However, you can save time by leaving a spare set of car keys in advance at the front desk at Red Lake Marine. Just say you are going to Bow Narrows Camp and want to leave your keys. They have a box just for this purpose. You need to leave the keys just in case there is an emergency and the cars need to be moved.

Red Lake is a very picturesque little town and with some of the busiest floatplane traffic anywhere as these photos attest.

On Saturdays the Lickety Split makes a round-trip to camp and back to the dock approximately every 90 minutes. We schedule the passage for each group in advance.

If you have some time to kill, you might want to wander into Red Lake Marine and pick up a free coffee. They have a lot of fishing gear inside and they're also a Source (Radio Shack).

Right across from our dock is a Subway restaurant. The drive opposite our dock ends at the Beer Store! At the top of the hill behind the dock is Sobeys Supermarket which shares a parking lot with the Liquor Store.

If you drive past the dock you come to the end of Hwy. 105 at a traffic light. Turn left and go about a block and you come to Northern Sporting Supplies on the right. Turn right and you go down the main street in town. Some places to check out are: the Lakeview Cafe (great breakfast and lunch spot), the Rexall Pharmacy, the Treasure House (great place for genuine moosehide slippers, moccasins and gloves). There is a turnaround at the end of the row of businesses where you can turn and come back toward the light again.

There are several businesses between our dock and Chimo Airways. They include McTaggart's Store (mens and womens clothing), Home Hardware and the Water Buffalo (coffee shop).

One thing you will notice as you visit any of these stores is how friendly everyone here is. Red Lake is a very beautiful and friendly town.

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