Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Deep snow is starting to become a problem

Deer using our driveway watch the neighbour

Our home's big propane tank is about buried

Cork and I aren't the only ones walking the road
We got nine inches of snow last weekend and that now puts about 30 inches on the ground.
That's good for some things and bad for others. It's good for keeping the ground from freezing. During my daily snowshoe walk with Cork the end of my walking stick comes up muddy when I plunge it down through the snow in low areas -- unfrozen even though the temperature is dropping to -20 C to -30 C at night (-4  F to -20 F)
The snow depth is beginning to restrict the movements of deer. They now must leap rather than walk and that takes a lot more energy. Whenever possible, they stick to traveling beneath conifers where the snow depth is less or they simply take to the road.
The deer could be in serious trouble since we haven't even started the time period when we typically get the most snow. That is March when we could get as much snow as the rest of the year combined.
The deep snow is also insulating the lakes resulting in less ice than normal. That's bad for snowmobiling but should be good come spring. We might be in for an early ice-out.
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