Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Today's blog posting is a milestone

Today's posting is Number 1,000 since the blog was started back in 2007.
That makes, on average, about 10 postings a month or one every three days over 10 years.
There are dozens of postings on just about every topic. Just plug in a search term in the little window at the top and see how many items come up. Remember to hit Older Posts at the bottom of each screen.
In the decade of both the blog and our website there have been over a million page visits.
The blog is actually a collaboration between me and our guests and anglers. They provide almost all the fishing photos, for instance, and pass along tips on hot lures and techniques. They are also the people behind the cameras that capture the great wildlife photos out on the lake.
Everybody give yourself a pat on the back! Job well done!
Some of the postings from years ago are still getting comments. Check out Detty's Fish Gripper and its extensive comments.
There are also some postings that have permanent links on other websites. Wood-burning stove companies, for example, are linking to Top-down Method of Lighting a Fire. And some nature websites are linking to Dock or Fishing Spiders are Nothing to Fear.
A museum in Saskatchewan once asked if it could reproduce one of the blog's photographs. See Moose-hide Moccasins Best for Snowshoeing.
Mostly the blog is read by anglers from Canada and the U.S.
Thanks to everyone who gave me encouragement to keep it going over the years and whose comments help get everyone involved.
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Unknown said...

Dan I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog post... I have google now card set to alert me each time you post... While I'm stuck in Illinois doing cyber security work my mind heads to Ontario every day multiple times. I have been doing fly in out of Red Lake for many years but have to say nothing keeps my passion for fishing alive when I'm at home the other 51 weeks of the year as your blog... You do an amazing job helping the entire Ontario fishing industry out... I just wanted to express some heart felt thanks for all you have done. Your updates on ice out, the scientific explanations,and straight up fishing tips,and pics all are fabulous... I have honed my skills greatly researching your past blog post for nuggets of how to catch more fish... Many thanks!
Bobber Down! KP

Anonymous said...

I check for posts quite often and we enjoy reading them. When is the book coming out Dan?

Dan Baughman said...

Funny you should ask. I have had so many encouragements from our guests and comments on the blog that I will, in fact, likely write a book about our life and times at Bow Narrows Camp and Red Lake. That could be ready in a year or so. I still need to decide on what exactly to write about. I don't want it to just be a stroll down memory lane, something that would only be of interest to people who know us. I probably need to talk to someone in the book business. Anyway, I'm thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I'll buy the first copy, Dan. Go for it!
Terry Matson