Tuesday, January 10, 2017

This evening chore is mostly just a lot of fun

Me, outside worker Steve Merritt and Cork, the wonder dog. Lonnie Boyer photo
A "chore" that I always enjoy at camp is emptying the fish guts on a rocky island after supper each day. Steve Merritt, our outside worker last year and set to return in 2017, seemed to like it just as well and we often went together. Cork, of course, is in heaven during these trips. They've got just about everything a dog dreams about: a boat ride, smelly fish guts, squawking gulls and enormous eagles.
If you want to get some close-up photos of the birds, let us know and you can ride along. You can also follow with your own boat although the birds are more suspicious of this. As long as you don't get closer to the rock than we normally do, they will usually tolerate you.

The big guys are hungry!
First into the rock are the herring gulls
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