Thursday, January 19, 2017

A 'whale' caught on a thread and a prayer

John Overbeeke with enormous pike caught and released

Here is the photo of the monster pike caught on a 3/8 jig tipped with a minnow. We were fishing for walleyes at one of our favorite spots we call the "beaver house." I had an ultralight pole with a monofilament leader when this fish hit! I certainly should not have landed it with the light tackle I was using.  Rob Kinzenbaw was able to net the fish in one swoop after he emerged from under the boat. Notice that we were still using the older style landing nets. The rest is history and memories of a great catch!  We took photos and returned this great fish for future anglers to enjoy. Probably one of the most colorful and vibrant pike I have ever caught, obviously very healthy.
John Overbeeke

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1 comment:

Dan Baughman said...

John, I believe that is actually one of our current nets in the photo. It is the Lucky Strike conservation net which has a flat bottom and rubber-coated mesh that prevents fish from wrapping up. Whatever it was, it worked!
And thanks to you and all the anglers who do likewise for releasing these enormous fish. They are released to spawn and pass on their genes for large size to future generations of northern pike and, as you point out, to thrill future generations of anglers too. There is nothing better for conservation than this act.