Monday, January 9, 2017

'Last one in is a rotten egg!'

Nothing is as refreshing as a dip in the lake

Aidan Beyer with his great-grandfather Paul Brown at the West Red Lake mining museum
Now it is time to get some fish! Photos by David Brown
As we mentioned in the last blog, a great reason to come to Bow Narrows Camp in the middle of the summer is that you can go swimming. Here is the same group mentioned in the last posting taking a dip off the main dock.
We get lots of families with kids at camp and their trip gives the kids the opportunity to not only learn about fishing but to explore the outdoors.
Before Brenda and I came back to take over camp from my dad in 1992, we brought our two boys to camp for a week each summer. Our youngest son was just a couple of years old when we started. We brought toys in the boat for them to play with but then also stopped for an extended lunch each day at a beach. The kids played on the beach and in the lake and our dog at the time, Lady, a black Lab, couldn't have been happier retrieving sticks and rolling rocks into the water with her nose. Brenda usually would suntan and read and I would eventually anchor the boat offshore and cast for pike. We might spend three hours at the beach before we packed up, fished a few more hours and returned to camp for supper.
In the evenings we would fish for a couple of hours but were also looking for wildlife like moose and beavers. One time we paddled right up to a cow moose by freezing every time she lifted her head out of the water and then paddling when she stuck it underneath to get the weeds she was feeding upon.
Camp also provides a time away from today's electronic media to let family members get to know each other better, especially grandparents and grandkids.
In the above photo Paul Brown is actually the Beyer twins' great-grandfather. That is really special.
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