Friday, January 6, 2017

What is the fishing like in July and August?

Cory Garbers

Shana Van De Stroet

Either Dawson or Aiden Beyer

The Beyer twins, Dawson and Aiden
Well, it's like these photos taken in mid-July, 2016, show. Walleyes and northern pike are biting great, the weather is wonderful and everyone is having a whale of a time.
A common concern we hear from anglers considering their first trip to Bow Narrows Camp is they are afraid the fish won't be biting if they come in the middle of the summer. That is a legitimate problem on lots of shallow lakes which simply get too warm by mid-summer. It is absolutely not the case on Red Lake.
Red Lake is a deep-water lake with some bays that are over 100 feet deep. These places never warm up and help cool the shallower bays where we do most of our fishing.
In fact, the fish get more and more active on Red Lake as the water warms. Some of the hottest action comes in the warmest months. But another thing to know is that Northwestern Ontario just never gets stifling hot weather. A hot day here is 80 F (26 C). I think most people would find that temperature to be about perfect.
If you come to camp from the first of July to about mid-August, you can comfortably go swimming off the dock and at the beaches around the lake. The rest of the time most of us find the water too chilly. Kids, on the other hand, will be in the lake from mid-June to nearly the end of August. It's as if they are having so much fun they don't even notice the water is cold.

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Dan Baughman said...

Thanks to all the Bow Narrows anglers who have sent in photos after I put out the call in the last blog. Shana Van De Stroet sent these and some others. We can always use more.
I will be using them all this winter. It sure feels good to look at these warm weather scenes while the temperature outside is frigid. It was -25 C (-15 F) here this morning.