Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Inspirations for photography and art everywhere

I photographed the Common Loon and chick, above, and the Great Blue Heron, below, on either sides of the boat one day while fishing in Hall Bay last July

Blue Flag or wild irises can be seen on floating bogs and marshes mid-summer

Pink Ladyslipper or Moccasin Flower is an orchid found mostly in June on mossy shores

Charles Howard captured this misty scene in Pipestone Bay in September

Black Spruce grow out of the moss in this photo by Lonnie Boyer in August

While most people who come to Bow Narrows Camp do so for the fishing, a bunch also have their eyes open for photographic opportunities. Subjects are everywhere: trees growing out of the thick spaghnum moss that covers the glaciated rocks, birds swimming on the pristine lake or wading around the ends of weedy bays, cotton-ball clouds floating on bluer-than-blue skies, hot-pink sunsets, gorgeous wildflowers.
The blog is full of incredible shots by people who dropped their fishing rods and grabbed their cameras. I'm amazed that we don't get more folks who come just for the photography or for the chance to put up an easel on a rocky island and capture the scene in watercolours. Is there an artist in your family?
They might also like to get off by themselves in our sea kayaks or canoes. Teenagers, in particular, seem to like taking adventures of this sort.
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