Thursday, April 28, 2016

Contact artist for your customized lures

Finescale dace, redbellied dace and fathead minnow
We were overwhelmed with requests for lures that look like native baitfish after I published a couple of posts about them. See Outstanding and Minnows.
Now you can contact our artist neighbour, Dwayne Kotala, yourself and place your own orders.
You can find him at: CrankyFinnGuy.
His direct e-mail address is:
Just a reminder of what Dwayne offers: he can paint lure bodies to match your requests as well as producing his own products.
In our case, Dwayne produced lures in various body styles that look like the various species of daces, chubs and shiners that are native to Red Lake, Ontario. Dwayne is an airbrush artist and his paint jobs are absolutely top quality.
He is also working on wooden lures that could be especially of interest to anglers of big northern pike and muskies.
And, he can repaint your old mounted fish trophies to restore them.
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