Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Live-Forage weedless spoon looks great for pike

Live-Forage Weedless baby bass
Live-Forage Weedless leopard frog
Northland Fishing Tackle just came out with a weedless spoon that looks like dynamite for Red Lake, Ontario's northern pike.
It's called the Live-Forage Weedless Spoon and as you can see from the photos, the holographic-type images on the spoons are incredible.
I just got a press release from the company about the new spoons and I see they aren't even on their website yet. That's http://www.northlandtackle.com/
The spoon is obviously similar to the Johnson Silver Minnow in shape but it has a couple of things that could make it even better, if that's possible (I'm a huge fan of Johnsons).
The Live-Forage spoon's single hook is a Mustad Ultrapoint. This company is known for its needle sharp hooks. The one problem I had with the Johnsons was that their rather blunt hooks needed sharpened all the time. I've got to think the Mustad hook would be an improvement.
The Live-Forage spoon also has a plastic Y-shaped weed guard. I'll have to see how it works. The single metal weedguard on the Johnson worked fine but after many deflections would break; so, maybe the plastic guard is better.
Another important feature is that the spoon is made of brass. That's great because it's heavier than steel and makes the lure run deeper.
In its press release Northland recommends you use a trailer or a skirt on the spoon as well.
I wholeheartedly agree. The Johnson spoon, for instance, is many, many times better with a trailer.
As I look at the leopard frog image on the second spoon, I can't help but think a plastic twin-tail would make this look just like a frog's legs. The top image is the baby bass. The spoon also comes in golden shiner and blue gill. It's hard to say without trying them but my guess is the leopard frog and the golden shiner might be best for Red Lake as both of those species exist there and are natural prey for pike.
The spoon only comes in two sizes 1/2 ounce and 3/4 ounce.
For Red Lake's northern pike and their crazy preference for smaller lures, I would suggest the 1/2 ounce.
Speaking of Northland Fishing Tackle, their panfish ice-fishing videos are a hoot.
Go to their website and click on videos, then Northland Fishing Tackle's Bros Bug Collection.
Make sure you've got your sound turned up!
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