Friday, February 18, 2011

Jessica Fletcher used burlap bag for her fish

We wrote earlier about how simple yet effective it is to use a wet burlap bag for keeping fish fresh in the boat. See Burlap Bag Simply the Best .
Now we even have TV's mystery writer Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote backing us up.
If you watch the opening credits for this popular series which ended about 20 years ago, I think, but is still on re-runs, you will see Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) walking up from the pier in Cabot Cove, Maine with her fishing rod and tackle box in her right hand and a burlap bag with her catch in the left! You've got to watch carefully because it only takes a second or two for that part of the credits.
It's such attention to detail that set this show apart from the others.
We still watch it and I've a hunch so do many other people.
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1 comment:

Doug said...


I remember you sharing that story with me on the phone last month. I checked it out, and yes she is carrying her "catch" in the burlap bag; pretty cool.

I also asked you if you thought that method might work here in the southern U.S., where it gets so hot in the summer. Well, I have been watching a fairly new show on the History Channel called, "Swamp People." It follows a handful of Cajun alligator hunters as they work filling their gator tags during the alligator hunting season in southern Louisiana. One of the guys puts wet burlap over his collected harvest of gators he stores in the bottom of his boat. They never mention how much time transpires from the collection of gators to the cooler in the processing house, but one could conclude it to be up to many hours on certain days. I am not sure what time of the year the season is, but in each episode all are in short sleeves and sweating, profusely. No matter what, it is hot and humid

So, it appears there is great potential for your burlap storage method working almost anywhere. I love is so much more convenient than a stringer any day of the week!