Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 ice-out in a week for some lakes

Brenda and Cork at Whitefish Lake today, April 12

The ice has melted free of the shore
I took the photos above this evening at Whitefish Lake, near our home here in Nolalu. There is extensive melting on the south side of this popular fishing lake. My guess is there will be no ice here at all within a week.
Whitefish is a large lake but shallow and therefore one of the first to thaw in the Thunder Bay area of Northwestern Ontario.
We also had a report from Red Lake that there is enough open water below the bridge on Chukuni River for Viking Outposts to move one of their floatplanes from the ice to the river.
All indications are for the ice to be gone in Red Lake within a couple of weeks.
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