Friday, February 3, 2017

The very best way to eat fish is at shore lunch

Matt Andrews puts a couple of fillets in the frying pan

It just takes a little grease. The fish are cooked in minutes. John Andrews photos
If it isn't already part of your tradition when you come to Bow Narrows Camp, you should think about adding a shore lunch to your trip.
Fish never taste as good cooked any place other than outside on the shoreline.
If you are on the American Plan we provide you a shorelunch box with everything needed for the fish fry: potatoes, onions, beans, coffee and tea, cookies for dessert, along with all the pans and grill. If on the Housekeeping Plan we provide the same outfit but without the food. Just about everybody also takes their fish with them too. This will be fish they brought in the previous night and had us clean for them. So all they need to do when they get to shore is gather wood for a fire, put the grease into the pan, shake the fish up in the breading we provide and use a long fork to drop the fillets in the grease when it is hot enough. Be careful on that last exercise. You don't want to burn yourself.
When you are finished, use the tea pail to ferry lots of water from the lake to drown out the campfire. Stir the coals with a stick until there no longer is any steam. You want it to be absolutely dead.

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Anonymous said...

Just make sure open fires are allowed the week you are there if not cooking in camp. They were not allowed for much of last summer away from camp. I checked with officials and they emailed and said a small propane stove was allowed at a certain number of feet away from trees and brush.
Big fine if you are caught cooking improperly.

Dan Baughman said...

Good point. We can tell you at camp if open fires are allowed. Usually they are. It takes an extended period of dry weather before the fire ban is declared. I know last year we had a fire ban right off the start of the season but it was eventually rescinded.