Thursday, December 15, 2016

New product makes getting bait easier

 Brenda saw this new product at the Northern Ontario Tourism Summit this November and thought it could be useful to Bow Narrows anglers.
It is called Bait2Go and is basically a plastic jar with screw-on lids on both ends. Inside is a moveable floor that can be raised and held in place with a rod. This lets you bring your bait, be it minnows, worms or leeches right to the top and out of the water so that you can grab them easily.
The bottom end can be filled with ice cubes, if desired, to keep the bait cool. To replenish the water without losing bait, you just unscrew the bottom and refill. The bait is all trapped on the other side of the moveable floor.
The canister can be attached to the rail of the boat with a hook, suction cups or Velcro. It can also be fitted on a belt.
Bait2Go was designed and developed in Sudbury, Ont., right where the Tourism Summit was being held.
You can see more at their website.

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