Friday, October 14, 2016

Long-range weather forecast is coming true

A skiff of snow that soon melts has been a common sight
Smoke on the water. The lake is giving up its heat to the colder air
No one feels like sitting on Ed Gross's bench in this weather
Cabin 10's spiffy new deck
Weather forecasters predicted this fall that this region of the country was going to get an early winter. So far it looks like they were right.
For a couple of weeks now the daytime high has been in the single digits C and nighttime has been right around 0 or freezing. Those temperatures aren't unheard of; it's just the duration of such weather. More typically we have cold temps, then warm temps, then back to cold.
It also has been exceedingly wet. If it isn't raining, it's snowing.
This weather pattern is typical of a fall after an El Nino winter which we had last year. No matter, it is still gloomy and makes it difficult for us to get anything done at camp. I've had to forego a couple of projects I was hoping to complete this fall. It was just too wet.
We did manage to accomplish a bit of building throughout the summer, however. We built a new floating dock for Cabin 10 with a nice ramp that took the place of the steps and crib dock there.
We also built a deck on Cabin 10 with a side set of stairs that makes it easier to access this building.
I also succeeded in putting new flooring in Cabin 7. Unfortunately it is too damp out to get paint to dry, even inside, so we will need to finish painting this next spring. We did get two rooms painted before the wet weather arrived.
Now it is time to pull the plug on the season. We're going to button-up everything for the winter and get out as soon as possible, perhaps within a week.

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