Friday, April 21, 2017

Ice-out near for most Northwestern Ontario lakes

Red Lake ice is disintegrating at Howey Bay. Photo taken Tuesday.

Two of the six moose we saw on Hwy 105 Wednesday.
We just got back to our home in Nolalu after a quick trip to Red Lake. The ice on Red Lake looks sick and ready to go. You might think it could disappear within days but the forecast is for cold weather and that will probably slow down ice-out a bit. My guess is that it will break up before May 1.
Eagle Lake was in even worse shape. Not only was it black but there were open leads through the giant ice pans. The ice in Thunder Lake at Dryden was about the same.
We've been wondering what to do with the blog now that Brian and Joanne have taken over the reins to camp. They want to continue a blog or maybe a video-log (vlog) that will keep everyone informed about what is going on at camp. So, our latest plan is for me to continue writing this blog and they will start another. Both will be accessible through the camp's website. This would let people access things like the how-to articles that appeared on this blog over the years while also providing current information on what's happening at camp and letting folks know about new fishing tips and techniques. It might take a little while to get all this going.
My blog will deal mostly with nature, wildlife and history. The Spillars blog will have the best fishing information as well as other timely things.

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Dan Baughman said...

The bald patches on the cow are the result of moose ticks which are especially irritating to moose in the spring. These ticks are specific to moose and do not get on humans.

Kim Gross said...

Dan- I'm glad to see you'll be continuing with your blog!