Sunday, February 19, 2017

This couple always finds the big fish

Troy Bechtel with pike and walleye (below) caught mid-July

Jane Bechtel with another great pike and walleye (below)

Bow Narrows Camp gets 400-450 guests over its normal 22-week season and with about 85 per cent of those returning year after year it is probably little surprise that a lot of these people become experts at fishing Red Lake.
The couple shown above are such anglers. Troy and Jane Bechtel seem adept at finding the fish no matter what the current weather condition happens to be. Notice, for instance, how calm the water seems to be in the first three photos. Flatwater and bright conditions are usually not the best for fishing yet here they are hoisting big pike and walleye for the camera before releasing them back to the lake.
Our camp is in many ways like a big family. When guests come the same week year after year they connect with others in camp who are doing the same thing. They share their experiences and help each other out when someone has a problem. When there is a new group in camp everyone goes out of their way to make sure they are having a good time. No matter how experienced and skilled you may be, when you come to a new lake there are techniques and tactics specific to this lake that you must learn. A few tips from someone who has fished here before quickly point you in the right direction.

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