Sunday, February 26, 2017

Speaking of fishing couples, check this one out

Click on these photos for full effect. Karri Ann Pons with a chunky 38-inch northern pike

Karri Ann with an equally impressive walleye

At the other end of the boat, Jason Pons with a beautiful pike

Jason with another big walleye

What happens when it rains? You put on your rainsuit and catch fish like this.

And like this

If it never rained there wouldn't be any rainbows. Especially not double ones
Jason and Karri Ann Pons sent along these great shots of one of their fishing trips to Bow Narrows. The photos were shot with a GoPro Camera and if you click on them I believe you can see the wonderful panorama view this camera takes.
Karri Ann's 38-inch pike was a special thrill. Jason writes, "Taken on the last cast at the last spot of the last night in camp in 2015. 1/8-ounce jig, 3-inch grub, 1/3 of a nightcrawler, 6 pound test mono, ultralight rod and reel."

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