Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New website is on-line. Check it out!

The Pons group dock fishing off Cabin 8. Photo by Jane Bechtel
We've been working on a new website with our web page designer and host TJ Quesnel of DueNorth Marketing for a couple of months and it all went live a few minutes ago.
Check it all out.
Thanks to all of you who sent photos. Many of them are on the new site and the ones that aren't will probably be used right here on the blog.
It had been awhile since the website had an overhaul and was badly needed. In particular, the old site didn't display well on smart phones. The new one is supposed to be designed to be seen on a computer or a smart phone. We don't have smart phones ourselves so if you do I would appreciate hearing from you.
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Troy Dean said...

On my phone, the accommodation section may need a tweek. The text is very long and skinny and makes it a bit hard to read. Example below.

Up to

Just a thought, everything else looks good!

Doug Billings said...

The new website looks fantastic! Great job... It's easy to navigate and of course it links to your awesome blog.


regor draagyn said...

GREAT looking web site.It is equal to your reputation. Love your blog.

Winston Trench said...

Looks great on my I Pad!!