Sunday, December 18, 2016

Would you kids get off my back for awhile?

Merganser hen and her brood

'Mom, we're tired. We want to be carried.'

'Oh for goodness sakes!" Photos by Lonnie Boyer
The most common duck seen while fishing is the Merganser. It would seem that the hen Mergansers can't keep track of how many ducklings they have. Two hens with six ducklings each can meet and one of them go away with 10 while the other takes only two.
They paddle along the shore, looking for minnows to eat. You sometimes see them swimming on the surface with just their heads underwater.
When they are tired they just climb out on a log, or a rock, or whatever is handy!
Lonnie Boyer took these photos at camp last summer, about the beginning of August.
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1 comment:

Ray G said...

I have seen them following along, and then getting a little behind. When they decide its time to catch up it appears they are running on top of the water.
Great photos.