Saturday, December 3, 2016

The dramatic sky of Pipestone Bay

The lake is like glass in this photo by Brenda Cieplik

Hunter Baughman saw this storm approaching
One of the neatest things about fishing in Pipestone Bay is that you get such great views of the sky. There can be beautiful clouds that reflect into the water, or there can be threatening storms on the horizon. This bay has some stretches that measure 4-5 miles in width.
Most of us love fishing and boating in Pipestone with its great views and numerous beaches. I always figure that when you go to Pipestone you should always take a bag or shore lunch. That's not a camp rule, just my own personal preference. I just don't want to miss a moment of the day traveling back to camp to eat.
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Ray G. said...

Agreed. This area of pipestone also provides some of the most spectacular Canadian sunsets you will ever see. We often go out late evening and turn off the engine, sit back and just enjoy.

Ray G.

Dan Baughman said...

We often don't mention it but the sounds in the evenings are something we all enjoy too. Loons seem to check-in with each other all over the lake, like night watchmen. "Nine o'clock and all's well over here on the southwest side." "Everything's good here on the southeast side," etc. Bonaparte gulls and common terns make a fuss every evening in Pipestone; I'm not sure why but maybe because they all come back to the their favourite rocky points and islands to roost. Wood thrushes sing their warbly flutes; white-throated sparrows do the same with their own mournful tunes. To me, all the creatures are saying goodnight, kind of like they used to do on the old TV series The Waltons.