Sunday, December 11, 2016

It's time to send in deposits, rebate checks

It is that time of year where we begin contacting people with reservations and ask them to confirm these with $100 per person deposits. If you haven't already left a deposit with us, please do so as soon as possible.
You can use a credit card by phoning us at our winter number: 807-475-7246.
You can also send us a personal check. Make it out to Bow Narrows Camp and mail it to our winter address:
Bow Narrows Camp
RR1 Old Mill Rd.
Nolalu, ON  P0T 2K0
A reminder for U.S. guests: it takes extra postage when sending a letter to Canada.
You can use your HST rebate check from last year or any previous years as part of your deposit. Just make sure you sign the back, then mail it to our winter address.
As an incentive to get your deposits into us right away, we once again will make reservations for pickup and departure times via the Lickety Split boat at the time the deposits are made. In other words, when you make your deposit you get to pick the time you meet the boat in Red Lake and when you leave camp at the end of your week. The Lickety Split carries 9-10 passengers and their gear at a time.
Credit card charges are made in Canadian funds. American guests will find the actual cost on their credit card statements is substantially less due to the favourable exchange rate between American and Canadian currencies. When people send us personal checks we keep track of the exchange when we deposit the check in the bank. So, a $100 U.S. check may become a $130 deposit in Canadian funds if the exchange rate happened to be 30 per cent. The rate fluctuates daily but has been in the range of 25-30 per cent for a long time now.
Our fishing package rates are in Canadian funds, so again, U.S. customers will realize substantial savings when making their final payments at camp.
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