Sunday, March 17, 2013

Northern lights great last night; winter still has us in its icy grip

4:30 a.m., March 17, 2013
There was one of the best displays of northern lights or aurora borealis last night that I have seen in years.
The sky was full of curtains of neon green and magenta and the entire heavens were pulsating from horizon to horizon.
It actually freaked out Sam, our chocolate Lab. He started growling at the sky but then went back to bed.
8 a.m., March 17, 2013
I had a difficult time photographing the scene because my tripod is still at camp. I got this one photo by propping up the lens of the camera with a book on the porch.
It was 10 below F or -23 C here this morning. That is below normal for this time of year.
Whitefish Lake looks like this scene at the right and our house is still wrapped in a winter wonderland.
I'm beginning to think ice-out on Red Lake is going to be late.
There is only seven weeks to go before the normal ice-out of May 8.
We still have three feet of snow and three feet of ice to melt.
Whitefish Lake scene
I do see the longterm forecast is predicting above-normal temperatures next week but it's not the 60s F or 20s C that we had last year. That was remarkable, for sure.

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Frosty morning at our home in Nolalu

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