Friday, March 1, 2013

Great trolling lures for walleyes

Rapala Original Floater and similar shallow lures work great early in season
We mentioned the Rapala Shallow Shad as a great artificial lure for trolling mid-summer in the blog below; however, there are many others to choose from as well.
Cotton Cordell Grappler Shad goes to 12 feet
Most anglers who do a lot of trolling have tackleboxes full of different models of Rapalas, Cotton Cordell, Live Target, Bagleys, Rebel, etc.
More fish have probably been caught on the Original Floating Rapala than any other artificial. This is the one go-to lure that has been in almost every tackle box for the past 50 years.
It is too light to cast easily but it trolls well, running about six feet deep. Bow Narrows anglers particularly like this lure, as well as similar shallow floaters made by other manufacturers, early in the season, before the weeds have come up, the water is icy cold and the fish are in very shallow water.
Once the weeds are showing, say late June, the Shallow Shad is probably a better choice although the fish aren't much deeper.
By late July a slightly deeper diver does better such as the Cotton Cordell Grappler that is a nice small lure for walleye but runs to 12 feet.
2" Storm Hot-N-Tot will go to 14 feet
Our walleye stay shallow until the water starts to cool off in late summer, say the first or second week of August. Then they slowly start moving to deeper areas.
That's when the real deep divers work best. Things like the Wally Diver and Hot-N-Tot.
Finally, by late August and throughout September, the fish are in nearly 30 feet of water and about the only artificial that can reach them is the Rapala Tail Dancer which goes to 26 feet.
3.5" Tail Dancer runs 20 feet, longer version hits 26 feet

Heddon Sonar hits 30 feet
One other lure I have tried with success is the blade bait, Sonar. It trolls to 30 feet.

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