Monday, March 25, 2013

Exploring the Facebook, Twitter universe

In a couple of days I'll be attending a class on how to use social networking for Bow Narrows Camp.
If you want to join me, just follow the fingernail scratches on the utility poles all the way to the seminar.
Once upon a time, an operator of a remote fishing and hunting camp was judged by his ability to call moose, lead his guests to fish and read animal sign. Now he is ranked by how he can make smiley faces with punctuation marks.
Truth is, I couldn't care less about being networked on Facebook. I don't look forward to being connected to all the people in the world who like mustard, just as I do.
And doesn't every Tweet go something like this?
Me: What are U doing?
You: Tweeting U, LOL!
Me:  OMG! Just like me! LOL!
Me again: OMG! I meant just like me! LOL :)

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