Monday, March 1, 2010

Fishing knots that everyone should know

Trilene knot

The breaking strength of any fishing line is dictated by the knots that are tied in it.

Lots of knots reduce the line strength by up to 50 per cent. The reason is the knot itself cuts the line when tension is placed on the line.

Knot knowledge became even more critical with the new braided and fusion lines like SpiderWire. These lines are so slick that some knots used for monofilament simply slip.

So with that in mind, here are some knots that work with all line types.

The first is the famous Palomar knot. This retains 100 per cent of line strength and is also easy to tie, even in windy conditions.

It's great for tying your line to a piece of terminal tackle such as a leader, a hook, or a lure.

The second knot is the Trilene knot. It's used for the same thing.

The final knot, the Reverse Albright, is used to tie mono and braided or fused lines together. There are several knots for this but this is one of the easiest ones.
Oh yes, one more thing: you should always wet your knot before pulling it together. This prevents friction from reducing the line strength.

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Anonymous said...

Dan, remind me to show you a great knot for superbraids.
Joe overman

Dan B. said...

I'll do that. I love knots!