Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What is the best size northern pike to eat?

the perfect pike
Northern pike on Red Lake, Ontario, are delicious and thanks to Bow Narrows Camp staff fish cleaners are also boneless.

When your pike comes out of our fish cleaning house you get two boneless fillets that are every bit as good tasting as walleye.

Just like walleyes, however, there is a best eating size for northern pike. We suggest keeping pike that are 22-26 inches.

Pike smaller than that are difficult to clean, especially to remove the Y-bones, and also have very little meat.

A pike of 22 inches will feed one person. A 26-incher will probably feed three people.

The pike in the photo above is probably near 26 inches, is nice and chunky and would therefore be considered the perfect northern pike for eating.

There is a no-keep slot size for northern pike in our region of Ontario. You cannot keep any pike that are 27.5 to 35.4 inches and can only keep one larger than 35.4 inches.
We do not recommend keeping any pike larger than 26 inches except to mount.

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