Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A million reasons to come to camp in the fall

Best seat on the lake
Bow Narrows Camp in autumn

For an awesome outdoor experience, come to Bow Narrows Camp in late September, just remember to bring a lot of film or extra memory cards for your camera.

There are absolutely stunning scenes everywhere you turn, even right in camp, as millions of tree leaves turn infinite shades of gold and the ground cover turns scarlet. The photos above were taken right in front of the lodge.

Frosty mornings with the smell of woodsmoke coming from the cabins somehow makes life especially enjoyable at this time.

The sky is filled with hundreds of flocks of geese, both Canadas and snows, and sandhill cranes.

If you're out fishing in the mornings and evenings your chances of seeing giant bull moose are excellent as they prepare for their mating season, usually the last week of September and the first week of October. These largest members of the deer family are very active, thrashing their massive palmed antlers in the alders and scraping rut pits in the ground.

Fishing can be excellent at this time of year and some of the best of it is right in the narrows where camp is located.

It is the best time of year to see northern lights, mainly because the skies darken early in the evening with the shortening days.

Wolves can also be heard howling some nights as they re-group after a summer of being apart.

It is indeed a special time.

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