Thursday, July 20, 2017

Creatures really like the white clover I planted

This doe and her twin fawns are regular visitors to the clover patch
I showed a photo earlier of a small bear eating clover in one of my clearings. He still makes an occasional appearance on the trail cam watching the spot; however, there are hundreds of photos of deer eating the same stuff every day.
I had made a small clearing in the spot, just from cutting out dead trees, and hand-broadcast some white clover seed as well as a commercial deer plot mixture. The clover has grown very well. The only thing that grew from the commercial mix was one big sugar beet the first summer.
White clover not only feeds bears and deer but ruffed grouse and snowshoe hares as well. Since it is perennial I only need to plant it once.
In a lot of the nighttime trail camera photos I can see bats flying back and forth over the deers' heads. That's cool too. Maybe the clover attracts moths that the bats feed upon. The flying mammals often are photographed low to the ground.
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Paul H said...

Dan, I really enjoy your blog and am glad you have kept it up after the sale of Bow Narrows. I first fished Red Lake in 1970 with a High School group from Illinois at Black Bear Lodge. Have been back to Black Bear a couple of times since then, the most recent being 2014. I so enjoy reading about the historical aspects of the area, gold mining, surrounding nature, ice out predictions, etc. It really adds context to the magic of Red Lake and the memories I have of the area. Hope I can get to Bow Narrows to stay there sometime in the future.
Paul H.