Saturday, March 25, 2017

'Ghost' wolf nearly beats camera trap

I set three trail cameras to watch the same spot from different angles and only one managed to get this photo of a timber wolf last night here at our home in Nolalu.
The camera that is flashing showed nothing at all. The wolf is just out of the frame for the camera on the left.
I put all the cameras in this spot hoping to get a photo of a fisher. I had gotten a partial image of this big member of the weasel family about a month ago at this location. In the decade or so that I have been using trail cameras I have never gotten a good photo of a fisher.
You can see how little snow there is on the ground now. The forecast is for above-freezing temperatures in the day for the next week. The spring melt is beginning and the weather from this point will determine when ice-out occurs. My guess is still that it will be at least a week or two earlier than normal.
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