Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The view atop cliff in Dupont Bay

A bird's eye view of Dupont and Pipestone Bays
One of the things that makes the west end of Red Lake, Ont., so beautiful is its topography. Cliffs and hills around the shoreline add to the beauty of islands and miles upon miles of unspoiled shoreline.
My great-nephew, Hunter Baughman, clicked this scene from the top of the cliff at the end of Dupont Bay this past summer. You can see Pipestone Bay in the background.
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Kim Gross said...

Just about every year I say I'd like to try to climb up there, but then I decide I'd either end up dead or having to be rescued. Now that I know there's a way up there, maybe I'll get brave (or stupid) next year!

Mike Taylor said...

Two things I have to say, first Dan the great uncle thing is showing your maturity not that there's anything wrong with that..... And Kim is this before or after getting into your secret stash......Cheers Mike T

Kim Gross said...

Good memory, Mike.....I think I'd better save it for a pain killer afterward! By the way, I've changed my hiding place, so don't look behind Cabin 7!

Dan Baughman said...

Now that I think about it, I even have some great-great nephews and nieces!