Friday, November 25, 2016

Just one of those beautiful evenings on the lake

Full moon rising over West Narrows near camp
I was coming back to camp after getting rid of the fish guts late one evening last August when I stopped to take this photo.
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Anonymous said...

Hey there Dan,

There is always a ton of conversation and information about "ice out" dates for Red Lake but I am having trouble finding information about "ice in" dates. Do you know anything about when the ice typically sets?

Hope all is well,

Neil Byers

Dan B. said...

You bring up an interesting point, Neil. Official freeze-up is more variable than ice-out. What usually happens is that the smaller, shallower bays will freeze weeks ahead of the big, deep bodies of water. The last place to freeze on Red Lake is usually the Forestry Stretch. By the time that happens in early December you could be walking on ice in bays like Sadler or Middle or even most of the narrows around camp. Those latter places can freeze in mid-November.

Anonymous said...

I see. Curious because I haven't seen much ice forming weather patterns for up there. I always thought it would be interesting to stay at a camp from September- New Years or beyond and document the fishing and wild life changes. We (tourists) all get to see what it's like up there May-August but have no idea what occurs Nov-April!

Dan Baughman said...

The only thing missing from this photo is audio. Every evening the loons play a symphony of music. This is the real "call of the wild."