Sunday, May 15, 2016

Warm at first then cold and snow

Nick and I flew into camp with Viking Outposts on May 2 and then ice-out happened May 4.
We got some major projects done before driving a fishing boat into town May 7 for the Sportsmen's Banquet. We came back to camp on May 8 towing some new boats and motors.
It had been warm and dry and several big forest fires were burning to the west in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.
Brenda arrived with the other two staff on May 11 and the weather soon turned wet and very cold. It has snowed at least part of the last three days.
The forecast is for warming every day now until it reaches 28 C (80 F) on Friday.


Unknown said...

Hi Dan, glad to see you back on line. Read about the forest fires in Woodland and Kanora and wondered if they would effect us but it looks like they won't. Will be happy to see you Friday. Dee Hall, Newport, My.

Anonymous said...

Dan and Brenda,
I have been watching the weather forecast the past several days. Slightly warm temps are nice but 80 is just to darn warm. Everyone knows what 80 degrees means, bugs, bugs and more bugs. Not to mention how warm it gets in the cabin. Oh well, what's a man (or woman) to do? Go fishing of course! See you Friday!
Indiana Dave

Joe Overman said...

Glad you are in camp! What news on the forest fires? Inquiring mind want to know.

Dan Baughman said...

No sign of fires since the three days of snow and rain. Temp forecast now is for 70 F at warmest. Nice and sunny.