Monday, May 30, 2016

Big, big fish are being caught

Matt Andrews with 51.5-inch pike which he released
John Andrews with 38-inch, also released
Opening week saw oodles of lunker pike caught, all on dead bait. All but one group at our camp released every one. There were also two boats from Sunset Lodge in Red Lake that killed the big fish they caught. This is such a senseless thing to do. These huge fish are the ones sustaining the fish population in the lake! They are also the very worst fish to eat. Twenty-to-30 years old, they have been absorbing whatever heavy metals there are in the environment all that time. Such toxins exist everywhere, even here. Eat the young, smaller fish and let the big ones go! It's interesting to note that at our place the only people who didn't set records on big fish last week were the ones who kept them.


Joe Overman said...

My best was a 36 that I released but Fred and Dee released several that were over 40!

Anonymous said...

Big thanks to the whole crew for opening week! Again we were treated to some great weather and fishing. But I have to say, we have never been as blessed with so many BIG fish. While we didn't catch any of the 40+ inchers, it was a real treat catching and releasing so many slot size pike and above. Darryl and I both had personal bests for pike and walleye (39" pike & 26" walleye). And of course, a huge thank you for dead-bait education we got from you and fellow fishermen. That made a world of difference, and such a fun way to fish! Loved watching the minnows jumping in unison when a large pike was around.

Tom Ruehle

Dennis Sheble said...

Shame on the fisherman from Sunset Lodge.I hope you let Rene know as he certainly does not support that type of behavior from his guests.

Jeff said...

Just to let everyone know..our group was the group from sunset lodge..though we did keep 1 pike (46 INCHES)that was caught, bleeding and is going on a office wall and the largest pike he had caught..we also released 10 other pike over 40 inches..please don't think we keep large just isn't true..I've been coming to Red Lake for over 30 years and certainly understand why big fish are important to remain in the lake..There typically is always 2 sides to every story and this is the other side..Good fishing everyone!

Dan Baughman said...

Thanks for the correction, Jeff. I wrote a correcting post today.