Sunday, March 20, 2016

What happens when line gets in the prop?

Braided fishing line on outside of propeller

More line caught in line-winder inside the prop
Let us know whenever fishing line accidentally gets caught in the propeller and we will clear it for you.
Even if you clear the line wrapped on the outside of the prop, there is usually more inside where you can't reach.
The first photo above shows braided fishing line wrapped on the outside of the prop. Then the second shot shows the actual "line-winder" bushing on the prop shaft once the prop has been removed.
We replace nut and cotter pin system
We learned a long time ago from Dave Green, mechanic at Red Lake Marine Products where we buy our engines, to replace the original prop retaining nut and cotter pin with a lock nut. This lets us remove the prop in seconds with a socket. The lock nut works for smaller horsepower engines such as our 20s and 25s but wouldn't be appropriate for really big engines.
If you were to operate most outboards for long periods with line in the prop, the line can get past the line-winder and go inside the lower unit. As soon as it gets beyond the line-winder it will wreck the seal around the shaft and let all the oil out of the lower unit. This will ruin the gears there.
Lock nut lets us remove prop quickly
Our Honda 20s have such an excellent line-winding system that I actually have never seen this happen. It was a real problem with other manufacturers' engines.
Anyway, if you do get line in your propeller, let us know the next time you are in camp and we will remove it. It's no big deal.
Don't try removing the prop out on the water. The chances of dropping something in the lake are excellent. Better if we do it at the dock.

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Joe Overman said...

What about weeds? Normally when I get weeds, I just reverse the motor. Is that appropriate?

Dan Baughman said...

Sure, sometimes you can clear the prop by reversing and then going forward. If this doesn't shuck all the weeds, there is nothing else to do but shut off the motor, tip it up, clear it by hand and go from there.