Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Snowflake Poem

The Snowflake Poem
By Daniel Baughman
© 2015

The main difference between snow and rain is sound

Snow falls to earth as gently as tiny bits of down

It parachutes all the way and softly hits the brakes

Upon the outstretched arms of all the other snowflakes

How long does it last, this life of a bit of snow?

Born high in the sky, as high as things can go

It must feel blessed for its unique view of all creation

As it grows in size and majesty, awaiting its coronation

It floats up and it floats down, such a thrilling ride!

But the snowflake must notice it continually subsides

And rather than come in screaming and bouncing up and down

It settles in like velvet without the slightest sound

“I am a snowflake like no other

“But then so are you, and you, and you.”

So it snuggles with its sisters and its brothers

And waits for spring to start its life anew

Merry Christmas everyone! 
Dan and Brenda (and Cork, the dog)


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Anonymous said...

Very nice Dan! Maybe you should put that to music and sing it to us on music night opening week? "Merry Christmas" to the both of you. May the new year be better than ever!
Indiana Dave