Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Talk about climate change! Check this out

I hope you can make out the date on the newspaper that I just picked out of the tube at the end of the driveway. It is today's paper. The temperature is +10C or 50F.
Our field looks like it is October and the grass is turning green around the house.
Across Canada temperatures are about 10 C warmer than normal.
We live near Thunder Bay, one of the largest grain-handling ports in the world. Usually the last shipment out of port is in early January and even that requires ice-breakers to get out of the harbour. I think the boats could go right through the winter this year. They won't because the St. Lawrence Seaway closes on a specific date. They might want to rethink that timetable.
 The warm weather is good for some things, bad for others. For instance, on the Great Lakes, the lack of ice is good for shipping but also lets evaporation occur. In the past this has resulted in very low lake levels which ends up hindering shipping in subsequent years.

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Ray G said...

Dan: Same weather pattern in Ohio. Well if you believe in the Woolly Worm stories, the ones I have seen indicate a mild winter. That along with El Nino should indicate a mild winter is in store. The Woolly worm is actually the Isabella Tiger Moth, just in case someone wanted to know.

Anonymous said...

Here in southeast Indiana, the temperature is supposed to be near or at 70 degrees this Saturday (December 12, 2015) Been in the upper 50's and low 60's for some time now. Crazy!
Indiana Dave