Saturday, December 12, 2015

Great Christmas gift idea for your angler

Looking for a last-minute gift idea?
If you've got an angler in the family, how about getting him an auto-inflate PFD? 
West Marine $79.99

Most people find these very comfortable to wear and that is what is most important when it comes to PFDs (personal flotation devices) or life vests. You can have the world's best life jacket stowed somewhere in the boat and it is utterly worthless as compared to a comfortable vest or PFD that you wear 100 per cent of the time.
Many of the auto-inflate types also have a manual option. That's good since it lets you inflate the PFD without going underwater to trigger the auto device. You don't want one that is manual-only, however. In all likelihood the situation for needing a PFD will happen something like this: one second everything is normal and the next second you are upside down in the drink as your boat goes speeding away without you in it. You need to bob immediately back to the surface -- which is what will happen with the auto-inflate PFD. You are pretty much going to be shocked witless in those first critical seconds. You'll never have the ability to inflate the PFD manually.
Dick's Sporting Goods $59.99
Finally, there are some people, myself included, who prefer the vest-style PFD. I like the one pictured here that has mesh over the shoulders and large pockets. The mesh allows me to use the vest for duck hunting since there is nothing in the way for the butt of the shotgun. The pockets are invaluable to stow essential items, like a fishing licence, bug dope, etc.

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Dan B. said...

A reader reminded me that everyone should check the expiry date on the CO2 cartridge for their self-inflating PFD. Replacement cartridges are available at the same retailers that sell the PFDs.