Monday, October 19, 2015

His timing was just a bit off

Pat, the amorous partridge, thought he had done everything right. He couldn't have looked better and was strutting his stuff for a fine-looking chick here in the yard. But all she did was give him the cold shoulder. What was wrong?
Just one thing. Mating season is in the spring and this picture was taken yesterday. He was six months early.
It would seem the male ruffed grouse's mating instinct is triggered just by the photo period. The length of daylight in the fall is the same as in the spring. Not only do the males put on their courting display in the fall but some actually drum as well, all for naught.
And what about the females?  They're more complicated.
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Joe Overman said...

The story of my life! I stryt my stuff, and she ignores me!

Anonymous said...

You're right about the females Dan. They are certainly more complicated!
Indiana Dave

P.S. Wonder if that's the same male I captured in photos opening week?