Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Eagle's eye view of the camp

Docks are clustered here. Pipestone Bay visible top right.

Lodge is partly obscured by trees.

Cabins 10 and 9 can be seen clearly

Looking west beyond Cabin 10   

Even further west. Trout Bay is at upper left.
We're often asked if we pull out our docks for the winter. As the first photo taken from Mike's mountain shows, we just pull them over to the boathouse-Cabin 3 area. The ice in this area just melts in place come spring compared to moving in a sheet the way it does from the lodge to Cabin 10.
The photos start at the north end of camp and sweep southwest.


Ray G said...

Hi Dan: These are great pictures and I have used the Trout bay picture as my screen saver.

Ray G

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Dan! A view most don't see unless we fly in.
Indiana Dave