Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why no blogs?

A bunch of reasons: no connectivity,  no time, idiotic computer system (8.1).
We lost our old phone system last year and this year have only had our cell to connect with the Internet. If others at camp are using the system, even the phone, everything slows down. I have one hour of possibility to write on the blog. That's at 8 p.m. which is my first chance to sit down all day. Unfortunately it is also the staff's chance to call home or send emails or surf the net. By 9 p.m. the guests are back from fishing and are on the phone or need things.
Another factor has been the disappearance of digital cameras, replaced by cell phones. Instead of letting me use an SD card from a camera to share a photo of a big fish or a moose, people now e-mail me the photo after they get home. It takes such a long time to download the photo on our pittance of a cell signal that it ends up taking my whole time. I will use all these photos once I get back home. Thanks to all for sending them.
I will also say goodbye to Windows and get a Mac. I'm thoroughly finished with 8.1.
I've more time from this point forward and will do my best to post things.


Anonymous said...


You've spoiled us all. Reading your blog keeps me connected (at least mentally) to the great experience I have every time we come to Bow Narrows. I look forward to the latest news and your thoughts and recommendations. I'm always amazed that you find any time to write during the season, given all that you have to do to keep the camp running and the campers happy.

Hope you enjoy the fall and winter. My family members have all gradually switched to Macs over the last couple of years for the same reasons you've cited, and won't consider returning to PCs. Take care, looking forward to see you in May. Jim Rock

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update! I feel the same way Jim does about your blogs- great, real life information!

I just got back from a trip at Roderick Lake (Chimo). My sister, Meredith Byers and her husband Ian Partridge (chief pilot for Chimo) offered me a free trip. Boy was the fishing different from a month ago! All of the spots walleyes were at Aug 14-21 were no more. From a post you made a year or two ago, I knew that Lakers spawned when water temp was at 52 degrees, but it was 58 at Roderick. Walleye seemed slow to bite and were all over the lake but not grouped in schools. The exception was smaller portage lakes- but even then, the fishing was more difficult.

If your ever looking for something to write about- I think a breakdown on what happens to specific fish throughout the season would be awesome!

Thanks again for all that you do!

Neil Byers

Anonymous said...

Glad to finally hear from you. Frankly, I was starting to get a little concerned. Didn't know if it was internet problems or something worse. I enjoy checking the blog every few days and have missed the regular entries.

AS for the Mac, I switched to Mac across the board at home about 8 or 9 years ago and have not regretted it. Still have to put up with the PC at work. I curse it almost daily. It will take a little while to get used to the Mac system, but in the long run you will appreciate it.

Look forward to talking to you later.
Terry Matson

Winston Trench said...

I think most of us can relate to your computer problems and lack of "down" time. It is a hectic word that we live in. I have also missed your blogs with the photos and up dates of the activities at Bow Narrows. Enjoyed the trip this summer and already counting the days until next. Hope you all have a great fall and winter!

Go with the Macs!!

Winston Trench