Thursday, May 14, 2015

We are in camp and very busy

We came into camp by boat last Saturday with the staff.
We had a couple of warm afternoons since then but it has been below freezing many nights. Today was cold and wet.
We got the water plant operating on Wednesday. It is such a high-tech facility that it needs to be started by an expert from Kenora.
The lake level is low for this time of year. It is more like the level late in the summer. The trees are beginning to leaf-out -- a result of the warm weather that occurred before we arrived. There were some black flies on the warm afternoons, otherwise it has been too cold for bugs.
We spent one day cutting firewood and another bringing out new boats and motors from town.
So far I've only succeeded in getting the water running into the lodge and one cabin. Lots to do and not enough time to do it -- typical for this time of year.
All three of our staff are new this year and are quickly learning the ropes. They are all from Sault College in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.  They are hard workers and hoping to pay for their college year with their earnings and tips from camp.  Brenda and I visited their school last winter and tried to impress on the students there that outdoor tourism is one way to make a good living in the bush. Today was a good example of their work ethic; it was only a few degrees above freezing and rained the entire day. No matter, they just put on their rain gear and carried on, cleaning cabins and getting boats ready for the guests.
We have not operated the generator much for lack of fuel. I got a boat-load of it yesterday and we should have the power on 24 hours a day from this point forward. When the generator was off our telephone didn't work, of course. I mention this in case you called and wondered why you couldn't get through. There is a message service, however. The phone should work from now on.
Our only phone number now: 807-727-0439. 

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Thanks Dan... That was quick!