Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Two for one on Rapalas

Photos by Matt Andrews

Angler John Andrews had a surprise waiting for him when he reeled in this 37-inch pike a day or so ago. It was caught on the front treble of his blue-and-white Rapala and on the rear treble was a small walleye!


Neil Byers said...


I just got back from a fishing trip to the Bahamas where we would pick out small flocks of birds on the radar miles out, speed over to the area and troll around the bait ball. I was wondering if anyone has ever used a similar approach to spotting feeding loons? I did a quick google search but did not find anything.

Hope all is well in the north land,


Dan B. said...

You can spot baitballs on the big bodies of water in Red Lake by watching for flocks of common terns diving into the water. The terns are feeding on big schools of minnows or smelt and these are often brought to the surface by lake trout. Although normally a cold-water fish, trout will come right to the surface in the middle of the summer, especially on calm, glassy water, when they drive bait to the surface. Besides trout there will be whitefish, tulibee and northern pike beneath the diving terns.