Sunday, May 17, 2015

Thank goodness you're not here

After two consecutive years when the ice was not off the lake before we started our fishing season, we decided this year to open one week later. So next Saturday will be the start of our first full week of operation. What a smart idea that has proven to be, even though ice-out actually happened May 6.
Although yesterday was beautiful with highs near 20 C, the temperature has fallen dramatically all day today, Sunday, and at noon stood at 0.7 C or just a hair above freezing. It also has been raining buckets and there is a 30-50 km-h (18-30 mph) east wind. And that's the good news. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow up to 10 centimeters (four inches).
As it turned out we actually do have two cabins filled with guests. They were people scheduled next week and who, at the last minute, needed to move to another week. Since the ice was off, we took them a week early. They got out fishing yesterday but not today and won't likely get out tomorrow either.
Everybody, including ourselves, are currently hunkered down around the wood stove while the waves are making whitecaps even in our protected narrows and the rain is coming down in sheets sideways.
The weather is expected to smarten-up on Tuesday and the temperature should climb continuously throughout the week until it is back to normal by next Saturday, our actual opening day.
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Anonymous said...

I could think of worse places to be than inside the cabin with the wood buring stove stoked up, a glass of whiskey, some dice, and a deck of cards! :)