Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It is dry; take care with ashes, cigarettes

Barbecue and wood stove ashes go here
A common question in the summer is where should a person dump the ashes from their barbecues?
We have a couple of galvanized garbage cans tied to trees at each end of camp just for this purpose.
This is a safe way to dispose of what could be a source of ignition for a forest fire.
Another source of ashes are the wood-burning stoves in all the cabins. It is best if you ask a staff member to remove these as it takes a metal pail and shovel to accomplish the task. We will put them in the same ash disposal garbage cans.
Incidentally, it is not necessary to remove the ashes from the wood burning stoves daily. Once a week will do it when the stove is being used continuously.
It has been a gloriously warm, dry spring so far and therefore the forest fire danger is quite high.
Smokers are going to need to take extra care with their cigarette butts. Proper protocol in the Boreal Forest is to always sit down on mineralized soil, like clay or sand or rock when having a smoke outdoors. Butts should be placed in a metal container, like a can. It's also smart to pull the butt apart.
Think of it as smoking in a vast sea of fuel. You need to be very careful.
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